Welcome to the komanda.lv privilege world! The new generation of technology is now in our country with you. Whether it’s textile or leather (purses and bags), our pads can be used in a variety of sectors. Komanda.lv 3D pads technology offers many combinations of surfaces and colors, with a flexible structure, so your logo has unlimited freedom and will attract the attention of your brand.

We use 3D rigging technology that cannot be damaged in any weather. Our 3D rigging technology is protected by international patents and licenses. With this technology we can produce very detailed logos. Your designs will get higher quality and look much better. Our 3D pads technology reduces the risk of your brand being counterfeited. At the same time, the 3D pads will prevent any unintended consequences such as color leakage and discoloration!

What are the benefits?

  • 3D technology – Using our technology, we produce all logos in 3D!
  • Finest Details – You can see the finest details in your logo!
  • Longevity – We make your logo durable enough to last very long!
  • Easy to clean – The logo will not interfere with water thanks to its material properties!
  • Recognized – You will increase your logo and brand awareness!
  • Irreplaceable – Pads  are protected by international licensing agreements; the logos are not imitated. This way, the originality of the product is always guaranteed!

Silicone labels

  • Silicone label

The silicone heat transfer label creates a beautiful 3D logo that is machine washable. This transfer method is environmentally friendly. Labels can be stretched and folded because it is very resistant to cracks as well as to water. Depending on your needs, our silicone transfer labels can be printed on fabric labels, cotton labels and PU labels.

  • Silicone tape

Silicone heat transfer tape is often used in sportswear. The 3D silicone logo can stretch on the woven garment. For your brand we are able to produce a 1mm thin 3D silicone heat transfer logo on woven, synthetic and cotton garments.

Sport clothes

On request we develop a high quality logo transfer for all types of sportswear. In addition, we are also very active in the name, number and sponsor logo printing on clothing, especially football clothing. The exciting sportswear market needs a partner who recognizes the trends in the market. We are the perfect partner to design a high quality and distinctive logo for your sportswear! Therefore, please contact us so that we can provide you with more detailed information on sportswear printing.

Woven labels

Also, we can offer you woven labels / logos in any shape and color. With embroidered edges and glue foundation, it will look like your logo is embroidered directly on your sportswear or other custom clothing.

Woven labels / logos have a better structure than embroidery, ideal for detailed designs, and are very flexible. The maximum wash temperature for woven labels is 40° C / 104F.

Logo prices

Logo type Minimal order Price
3D Metal 1000 2,65 EUR
3D 300 1,80 EUR
Rubber logo 1000 2,30 EUR
Woven label 300 1,27 EUR

* Prices are for standard sizes and 1-3 colors, non-standard sizes and more than 3 colors, prices may vary!